Lets TALK about how to make aspirin mask for ur acne skin

Couples days ago, I talked to my friends about my acne. Then she  suggested me to try aspirin mask. she said It’s good for ur skin, and CHEAP (yes u hear…. i mean read CHEAP).. And it’s work? YES!!!

Try this:


  1. 2 tablets of aspirin (i use aspirin from bayer)
  2. Water
  3. Honey/ u can change it with aloe vera extract

How to make it:

–        Put 2 aspirin in a bowl

–         give 2 drops of water to each tablet of aspirin.

–        Then give 2 drops of honey/ aloe vera extract to each tablet of aspirin

–        Mix and crush it

–        Then put it in ur face as mask for 10 minutes then clean it with water


  1. Clean ur face with gentle face wash before u apply it.
  2. Use it max. 2 times a week (JUST 2 TIMES NOT 3-4-5-6-7 times a week)
  3. If u have allergy with aspirin,don’t use it!!!
  4. use pure aspirin and not contains cafein and their friends…

Why it’s work for ur skin? Because aspirin has salicylic acid. what is salicylic acid? I found this from an article in wikipedia:

“salicylic acid is a key ingredient in many skin-care products for the treatment of acne, psoriasis, calluses, corns, keratosis pilaris, and warts.[13] It works as both a keratolytic and comedolytic agent by causing the cells of the epidermis to shed more readily, opening clogged pores and neutralizing bacteria within, preventing pores from clogging up again by constricting pore diameter, and allowing room for new cell growth.[14] Because of its effect on skin cells, salicylic acid is used in several shampoos used to treat dandruff. Use of concentrated solutions of salicylic acid may cause hyperpigmentation on unpretreated skin for those with darker skin types (Fitzpatrick phototypes IV, V, VI), as well as with the lack of use of a broad spectrum sunblock.”

 Just try it. and tell me  if it’s work for you…





Couple weeks ago my friend asked me to borrow my snorkel gear. And  i said: “HEY, i want to do it too, it has been long time i don’t go snorkeling “.as result i went to NUSA LEMBONGAN with her. i met so many new friends from various countries that she met in backpacker web:couchsurfing.com.

i had to wake up at 5,and went to her place at 6.then bought public boat ticket at 7 at sanur beach. And at 8 we went to Nusa Lembongan island.

That day was little bit cloudy and drizzle,  and the sea was little bit wavy. But no…no… I  would not go back, i just wanted to snorkeling. At Nusa lembongan Island, we tried to find inn. And we found a small inn called Jonny’s losmen. The room is not too bad. So after dealt with the room rate (yes you can bargain the room) I and my 13 new friends would stay for one night there. I shared a room with my 2 new friends: Leni and Sita.

After we put our belonging in our inn, we borrowed  motorcyles and snorkel gears, and went to first spot. My partner is Anthony, An  American (he’s so big, and I’m so skinny, and I had to be driver for our motorcycle). Our first spot was a small café (I forget the name), we ordered cheap coffee so we can put our belonging there, Then went snorkeling. The view is beautiful but I could not find any fishes there. The waiter in that café suggested us to rent a boat to snorkeling spot. After  we bargained the price for two snorkeling spot between Nusa Penida island and Nusa Lembongan, We went to our first snorkeling spot.  Little  bit deep, but it’s BEAUTIFUL. I saw so many fish especially angel fish. And at our second spot : it’s even more AWESOME.  I swam until my lips turned blue, I even didn’t recognize it, because the view under water is SO BEAUTIFUL..

Our next spot is Dream Beach. I saw paradise view  there . the wave was big, and I think this place is good for surfing, but u still can play with the water there. The sand is perfect, the the wave is perfect, all are perfect (I really wish,that day was not cloudly).

at the night we planned to go to Scoo be doo Café, but that day was rainy. So we canceled it. actually that café is a good café, we can enjoy the dinner with live music. So we made our dance party in our inn.

The next day was sunny enough (SHOOT), but we had to go back to Denpasar. We bought public ticket and back to Denpasar . but it was a good experience. When u come to bali, u have to go to this place and enjoy it.




1. u can find cheap inn but u have to bargain it

 2. when u borrow some snorkel gear, make sure that u already return all the gear equipment, because sometimes people who lend u their snorkel are sly. Some of them will say that u haven’t paid their snorkel,or lose their snorkel..BEWARE!!!


-2 ticket public boat                                                                     :IDR50000

-Inn @jonny’s losmen

(IDR50000/night+ 1 additional matrass IDR10000)               :IDR20000           (share with 2 friends)

-Motorcycle (IDR70000)                                                             :IDR35000           (share with 1 friend)

-breakfast (nasi goreng+mineral water)                                  :IDR14000

-lunch (noodle soup)                                                                    :IDR11000

-dinner (fried noodle IDR16000)                                                :IDR8000             (shared with 1 friend)     

-snorkel gear (IDR35000)                                                            :0                           (I bring my own snorkel gear)

TOTAL                                                                                             :IDR138000



today i want to TALK about one of my favorite singer : Monita Tahalea. she is former Indonesian idol contestant, and she was placed 4th. At her first performance in Indonesian idol, she didn’t performed well, but then she showed amazing progress, but the contestants at that time was so strong (mike mohede and judika). But anyways she have an album now. A GOOD ONE!!! note that…

The album contains of 8 songs arranged and directed by Indra Lesmana that present pop contemporary music with jazz feel in minimalist packaging. She really served all the song with the jazz touch in a simple way but nice. I really recommend this album. You can listen the songs in the afternoon, or before sleep, or when tea time is coming,or every time when you need relax time. So buy the album…=)


Monita Tahalea-dream,hope,and faith






Artists / Performer



Indra Lesmana & Hanny Lesmana

Executive Producer

Indra Lesmana, Hanny Lesmana

Mixing Sound Engineer

Indra Lesmana

 Mastering Sound Engineer

Indra Lesmana

Cover art design

Hanny Lesmana


Pop, Urban Jazz, Adult Contemporary

1. Kisah Indah

Monita / Indra L & Hanny L.

2. Ingatlah

Monita / Indra L & Hanny L.

 3. Over The Rainbow

Monita /

4. Senja

Monita / Indra L. & Monita

 5. I Love You

Monita / Bernie

6. God Bless The Child

Monita / Billie Holiday

 7. Hope

Monita / Indra L & Monita

8. Di Batas Mimpi

Monita / Indra L & Eki P.



hi everybuddy…
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